Your team is  productive and does everything you tell them to do. But are those who report to you happy? Will your best and brightest stick with you or leave at the next opportunity? Gallup research shows that the majority of U.S. employees have some level of dissatisfaction with their jobs.

Studies also show that employees rarely disclose their frustrations with work situations until they are well on their way to finding a new job. That’s why it’s imperative to get an accurate read on how things are really going at the office. But that’s easier said than done.

One way to gauge employee satisfaction is to meet one-on-one with each member of your team regularly. Ask them not only how they feel about their jobs but how your company — and you — can help them meet their personal and career goals. And don’t forget to provide regular feedback. Take a few minutes each week to provide positive feedback on recent accomplishments.

Perhaps best way of all to get honest feedback  is to make sure that each person feels that they can come to you with the good and the bad. Do you show irritation when someone approaches you with problems or issues? Do you glance at your computer or phone while your employees are talking to you? Do you appear rushed when people come to talk to you? You may unknowingly be encouraging people to not be candid with you about how they feel and about what’s going on at the office.

Want to learn more? Here are some ideas for gauging how employees truly feel — and for addressing those concerns in a constructive way.

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