The right customer relationship management tool allows you to create and foster relationships with your customers in hopes of them repurchasing or referring business to you. CRM systems allow you to streamline and retrieve data all while tracking a lead all the way through the sales pipeline.

In order to facilitate customer loyalty, we recommend integrating new tactics that are relevant to the customer and demonstrate a level of care over being too salesy. From experience, here’s what we recommend works:

Highly personalized messaging

When connecting with a previous customer who has purchased your product, you’ll want to treat them like they’re an old friend or family member. Keep in mind that life moves fast and customer circumstances change, so be sure to update customer information regarding full name, email, marital status and birthday.

For example, Hubspot, a software company that specializes in inbound marketing sales and customer services, tested an email opt-in response message vs. personalized emails with information from account reps. The average click-through rate increased by 0.96% and generated close to 300 new clicks, which is a huge impact.

Another example is Birchbox, a cosmetics-based subscription company that used customer data to craft specific messages and recommend products to certain customers. By segmenting your audience and using data to create personalized messaging, you’re more likely to increase engagement rates.

Craft customer surveys

Brands that continue to evolve and take up space in their market regularly listen to customer feedback and data. When a new customer makes a purchase, it’s crucial to send them a survey about the product, ranking what they enjoyed and what they didn’t.

“High levels of customer satisfaction … are strong predictors of customer and client retention, loyalty, and product repurchase,” according to survey giant and multi-million dollar company Qualtrics.

Create a customer loyalty program

A customer loyalty program is a great way to give customers incentives for repeat purchases. Criteria vary for earning rewards, but ultimately the benefits of enrolling should be obvious, according to Business News Daily.

There can be all types of rewards including cash, vouchers or BOGO incentives. An example of a successful rewards program is Starbucks, where customers earn “stars” each time they purchase drinks or food items from the menu. When you reach a number of stars, you get a free drink and also receive a free drink every year on your birthday.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! If you need personalized help on CRM installation or tips for best use, be sure to reach out to the 17 Grapes team by visiting our website or calling 801-245-0500.

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