Polaris is a non-profit that is trying to end human trafficking and the scourge of modern slavery. But its processes were antiquated, with hotline workers writing eight-page paper reports every time they took a call, and case managers and policy analysts relying on Excel spreadsheets to track data that they didn’t always share.

That all changed when Polaris — named for the North Star used by U.S. slaves to navigate their way to freedom — chose Salesforce. The Washington-based non-profit now has web forms that capture reports of human trafficking and they are properly routed. With Salesforce CRM, case managers can track client cases better, and the entire team can easily see data about clients and staff workloads. That data helps Polaris fulfill reporting requirements — and also prove its value to potential donors.

It’s just one more cool way that Salesforce is changing the world. Have you heard of the Power of Us program?  It’s a way that non-profits and higher education institutions can have more impact — at a discount. Through the Power of Us program with its discounts and donations, more than 28,000 non-profits and higher education institutions are using Salesforce.

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