The 17 Grapes Consulting Team

Bo Thompson - 17 Grapes

Bo Thompson

I love shooting, RC Cars, playing volleyball, woodworking, spending time with family, camping, learning about new technology and watching martial arts movies from the 80s.

Simmonie Serbousek - 17 Grapes

Simmonie Serbousek

American Fork Utah, Hiking, Camping, and Fishing.

Shawn Smyres

I’m a husband, father to an adorable little girl, and a perpetual learner. I love to know how things connect together and relate to each other, and I get a thrill from building out a complex system – particularly from scratch. I love to rise up to a challenge, and I look forward to being able to learn new things in new circumstances.

My hobbies include reading, drawing, strategy games, and great movies/podcasts. I grew up on Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (books and movies), and am really digging the current success of the Marvel franchise.

I believe in the power of an individual to do good, and I think a good example is an infectious thing. I love being around people who help me rise up and stretch to reach my goals, and I hope that I provide the same inspiration for others.

Deanne Stookey

I used to train whales and dolphins, now I just train my cat to sit for treats. I used to be a downhill ski racer and just found a bunch of trophies. I love peanut butter. My preferred method of exercise is long walks and dancing.


The 17 Grapes Business Consulting team has the following Salesforce certifications:

17 Grapes Salesforce Certifications

What's with the name?

There Jim was. Sitting in the kitchen with his wife just watching her. She was on another diet and this just seemed plain goofy to him. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

Meal prep was part of the diet, or for those who just devour Oreos by the sleeve, meal prepping is portioning out the exact quantities of food you will eat at every meal, so as to not eat too many calories or have to buy several pairs of sweatpants (which sounds awesome to us).

So there she was, portioning out her meals into neat little bags and containers.

Jim was just transitioning from his previous job to a new one as an entrepreneur in a Salesforce management consulting firm. But they were stuck on what to name the darn thing. They need something snappy and unique to set them apart from the crowd.

She was counting out apple slices now.

17 Grapes Business ConsultingJim didn’t want anything boring like…”LastName” management consulting” or a derivative of “Utah Management Consulting” that seemed to be the trend of every local business.

Oh, there she goes counting out the grapes now.

One, two…

What should the name be?” he thought.

Seven, eight, nine…

“Why is it so easy to come up with boring bad names?” he wondered.

Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen…OH NO!

One of the grapes rolled away! She lunged for it barely grasping it before it would hit the ground.

Jim startled from his deep naming game ask, “What’s going on honey?”

“Almost lost my 17th grape”

17 Grapes! That’s it!

And the name was born!