Case Study: STEM Center USA


STEM Center USA is a small K-12 Robotic Education Company that works with kids to get them excited about designing, building and coding. Students attend class once a week throughout the year and create their own fully functioning robot.


With 300 students and growing, STEM Center USA (STEM) was frustrated with tracking payments, student progress and student schedules all through spreadsheets. The Salesforce platform gave them the solution they needed but it needed customization to match their unique needs.

STEM researched several companies to help them implement but eventually chose 17Grapes. They found 17Grapes to be personable, professional and communicate clearly about costs and recommendations.

“I feel like most companies we talk to would be like “yes, we can do everything”. 17 Grapes said “we can do everything but that’s not what we recommend.” Lavanya, President of STEM Center USA, said.


17Grapes customized STEM’s Salesforce platform to allow them to track:

  • Student Enrollment and Scheduling
  • Class Achievements
  • Payment plans for parents
  • Class session attendance
  • Progress reports for parents and students
  • Company revenue

The customizations that 17Grapes made also kept in mind STEM’s goal for franchising. When STEM decides to franchise they already have the groundwork built which results in large amounts of future customization savings.


Lavanya commented, “I don’t have to worry every time a child walks through the door. I know that their information is logged immediately and that their classes are tracked. When I talk to parents I can say ‘This is what your child is working on.’ We have a lot less headaches now.”

Not only did process efficiency improve, so did revenues. Revenues increased about 30-40% year over year.

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