The coronavirus pandemic has turned life as normal upside down. Many businesses are already having to make the difficult decision to shut down entirely or downsize by letting go of employees. As long as social distancing measures continue, the economy will experience further challenges.

These are uncertain times we’re living in and even the most prepared business owners are finding themselves in new territory. Given the current business climate and the rapid rate of change, you may be wondering if your sales team should continue conducting business as usual. After all, your business relies on sales to keep the lights on and doors open, but in this environment, it’s normal to wonder about the optics.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stop selling to show your customers and fellow business owners you care about them. This is an excellent opportunity to use your CRM software to build relationships, show support and meet your clients where they’re at. This means keeping open lines of communication and working to meet very specific needs.

Of course, whether or not you’ll have success with sales depends on the type of business you’re running. If you provide telemedicine software to hospitals and clinics, business may be booming. But if you’re a restaurant owner who has had to shift to take-out options only, you may not have extra funds to spend.

Instead of running down your list of warm prospects to try and seal a deal, take these next few weeks to check in on your current client base. Reach out to every business or client on your system and see where they’re at. Lend a listening ear and a shoulder for support. Is there a way you can support them somehow? This is the time to let others know you care.

CRM software doesn’t just allow you to connect with partners, it helps you keep in touch with members of your own team as well. Take advantage of your data and tools to better navigate these times. Working together and utilizing these technologies can help us better prepare for what lies ahead.

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