Customer relationship management is the livelihood of every business because it keeps revenue coming in the door for both new and potential customers. Without the right CRM software, there’s no way to contact and build relationships with both new and potential customers.

Having the right internal CRM processes includes juggling and flexibility, especially if the majority of your workforce is still working from home. Follow these tips to help keep your remote employees in the loop:

1. Access all information in a central hub

A central hub of customer information is crucial to any thriving business. You’ll want to be able to quickly gain access to vital customer information like name, title, email address, contact history and more when it’s time to nurture a sale.

Keep in mind that departments don’t have to be directly customer-facing to need to access information from the central hub. Departments that need access to CRM data include banking, administration, and accounting, according to The AMG Team. All departments enjoy easy access to data at their fingertips for quarterly company presentations to show off great results.

2. Mobile CRM

Although a desktop is preferable for most of the workday, it’s useful for remote employees to be able to access mobile CRM data on the go. For example, if a remote employee is driving to the office for an in-person meeting and wants real-time data, here or she can get it on a mobile device. Or if an employee needs to pull up relevant data while out of the office.

Regardless of whether your employees use this feature daily or not, It’s a great option to have to increase flexibility, data accessibility, and customer service.

3. Simple adoption

When it comes to overseeing a fully remote team, managers feel some anxiety about new processes and shifting away from traditional ideas. It’s difficult to keep everyone in the loop about these changes via Zoom call while keeping up sales quotas.

When it comes to CRM, you’ll want to integrate an adoption process to increase sales team efficiency. You’ll eliminate the time it takes to train a new team on CRM and allow employees to get to work immediately. Plus. you’ll reduce the number of technical support questions while taking advantage of the latest technology in the CRM space to better target your ideal customer.

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