Salesforce has been around for a couple of decades now, and it’s still one of the most popular tools to create and support CRM (customer relationship management) in one, synchronized space. If you’re working in a leadership position in a medium- to large-sized company, there’s a good chance you’ll need to become Salesforce-certified at some point. Why not get ahead of the game and start studying for when that moment arrives?

This task may seem daunting at first, especially if you haven’t taken a test for a while. Instead of going into the test blind, you’ll need to prepare properly to get the best results. Follow these helpful tips to get your Salesforce certification.

1. Be aware of price

Although pricing varies, the majority of Salesforce certifications cost between $200-$400. If you fail and need to take the exam again, the retake fees are around 50% of the first certification cost, according to this article from Salesforce Ben.

If you work in an office environment and use Salesforce for your daily tasks, it may be worth asking your work if they’ll cover the exam cost.

2. Study, study, study

You won’t be able to ace an exam without studying first, and the Salesforce certification is no exception to that rule.

Many popular platforms offer Salesforce training programs, including LinkedIn and Youtube. LinkedIn currently offers a free month for this course, but you’ll have to pay a fee and join a pool of over 35,000 students after the month is over.

Salesforce also offers a free one-day virtual prep webinar to give you a bit of extra confidence before test day. You’ll learn from a certified Salesforce Instructor who will help you leave the class confident and ready to tackle the final exam.

3. Get hands-on practice

If you haven’t taken a practice exam yet, we highly recommend doing so to help train your brain to answer on-the-go questions. Go ahead and log into your Salesforce account and complete the Admin Beginning and Admin Intermediate trails to help test your knowledge of Salesforce.

To make the process easier and less intimidating, try having a friend over for a study date while you do this. Work on quizzing each other on in-depth sales questions and study material close to what is on the actual exam.

Don’t forget to relax and be kind to yourself throughout the Salesforce certification process. Not everyone passes the certification test the first year, and there’s always room for growth and opportunity.