Do you like to make New Year’s resolutions? Americans make an average three to five goals for the new year. The problem: Most resolutions are cast aside by the end of February.

What would happen if you picked just one resolution — one important business goal — and stuck to it for an entire year? Research shows that instead of coming up with multiple goals for 2016, pledging to make one significant change is more likely to result in success. And make it specific. Instead of a New Year’s resolution to ‘attend more networking events,’ quantify the number of networking events you’ll attend each month and what you plan to accomplish at each. Instead of ‘growing your business,’ quantify how much you plan to grow your sales or profits.

Research also shows that sharing your resolution with a trusted co-worker, colleague or business group can make a big difference. Let others know about your goal early in the year. Ready to make a New Year’s resolution? Here are some great ideas to get started.