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You understand your Salesforce system, but do others within your company? This is where you need to effectively combine your technical knowledge with your people skills. Do your people skills need a reboot? Here are some things to consider as you prepare to help your Salesforce users in the best way possible:

How easily can they ask you for direction or clarification? Does your reaction to their questions make them willing to ask more questions in the future?

For example, how patient are you when you answer their questions? You may have a great technological grasp, but don’t forget not everyone is technically inclined. Sometimes, that requires you to explain things more than once or in non-technical terms.

Do you have a process for those on your team who need to ask questions or to request additional support? Should they email you, submit a request via Salesforce or simply walk up to you?

Are you keeping track of the types of requests you are receiving and support you are providing? If you find common themes in the questions being asked, consider hosting a regular training session for these items.

Do you provide training opportunities for your users? It could be a simple email reminder or learning opportunities over lunch or coffee.

What has come to be second nature to you regarding Salesforce, may be harder for other staff members. Be patient with their understanding of your explanations. And don’t forget we are here to help support you in your Salesforce adventure! https://17grapes.com/