Any sales person knows that data is the foundation for decision-making in many businesses today. Capturing data allows us to know what our customers want, and tailor our products and our pitches to capture as many customers as possible.

But in the digital age where megabytes of information are just a click away, finding new customers can be as challenging as ever. Here are four steps to making your sales strategy more successful.

1. Cultivate a sense of loyalty to your brand.

Loyal customers are the best customers. Make sure you keep them coming back with rewards programs or other incentives that allow them to earn back a percentage of what they spend with your company. In this case, loyalty can be bought.

2. Look for more opportunities to create sales leads on your website.

Every website, no matter how big or small, has visitor forms located somewhere on the site. Use these as an opportunity to learn more about your website visitors, aka, your potential customers. Asking non-threatening questions that help identify a customer’s demographic can be invaluable for the future. As a general rule, people feel more comfortable answering a question or two after already giving out their name, email, and other information.

3. Generate sales leads in person or over the phone.

Over-the-phone sales calls are a great way to identify your customers’ needs in as many ways as possible. People often feel more comfortable giving out information to a real, live person over the phone, than they do by filling out an Internet form. Again, take advantage of opportunities that already exist and expand on them to create a more comprehensive picture of your clients.

4. Consolidate new leads into a CRM database.

Now that you’ve got more information on your customers, you need to store and organize it for future use. That’s where 17Grapes comes in. We’ll help you set up your account for, the No. 1 CRM brand in the country, so you can easily implement, track, and grow your business. Salesforce allows you to view customer data in real time, enabling you to make important business decisions quickly and accurately. For more information on Salesforce and capturing client data, visit