You’re a talented and hardworking small business owner. You’ve done your homework and know everything there is to know about your target audience, yet you’re still struggling to convert that information to sales.

Sound familiar? If so, know that you aren’t alone. For some reason, many of us think that opening the doors of our business is the hard part, but that’s only the first step of many to come. Without repeat customers, you may have to shutter — and fast. Instead of waiting for clients to come to you, be proactive. One of the easiest ways to do this is by sending cold emails.

A cold email is the same thing as a cold call. The only difference is you don’t have to get on the phone. The goal of a cold email is to start a conversation and get a prospect interested in the product or service you have to offer. There are thousands of articles that tell you how to write a cold email, but there’s really only a few things you need to remember.

First, keep your cold emails short, sweet and to the point. Second, make your short email about the recipient, not you. Third, close with a question, such as “Should we connect? or “I have some ideas to run by you. Would you be willing to schedule a phone call next week?”

Sending cold emails puts you on the radar of potential customers. It’s also a great way to build your network and list of contacts without having to attend a conference or mixer. Might as well try it, right? For additional tips and insights on cold emails and cold email strategy, click here.