You want to advance your career through more Salesforce certifications, but it’s hard to find the time to make it happen. Is that your situation? Let’s look at some ways you can manage your time better and prepare yourself for that next Salesforce certification exam.

• Wake up a bit earlier to start your day sooner. The thought of setting your alarm even earlier may not please you; however, it is a great way to find some extra time in your day. Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier tomorrow, and then gradually move it even earlier.

• Combine activities. That could mean reviewing items in your head during your daily commute or scanning materials as you walk on a treadmill.

• Consider turning your lunch break into a study break as well. That doesn’t mean you must eat at your desk. If it is a beautiful day, take your lunch and study materials outside. If you have a large break room, step away from the usual crowded table and find a quiet spot. Even if you don’t study during that time, use it as a break to refresh yourself to be prepared for studying later.

• Ask others who have achieved the certifications how they found a way to prepare during their daily responsibilities. Most people are willing to let you know what does and doesn’t work.