Perhaps you thought your studying days were behind you when you graduated from high school and/or college. But as you look to add Salesforce certifications to your experience and resume, you once again need to study. Have you considered the benefits of working with a study partner?

Here are some factors to think about:

  • Find a study partner who is just as motivated as you are to succeed with the Salesforce certifications. Do your goals match?
  • Find a study partner you can depend on for consistent study habits through your scheduled study sessions. Will he or she maintain the study schedule you set together?
  • Find a study partner who “fills the gaps” of your knowledge and learning techniques. Will their strengths and weaknesses compliment yours?
  • Find a study partner who will help you stay motivated when the studying becomes boring. Will she help you stay focused or create distractions?
  • Test out each candidate to be a study partner in conversation about current goals, skills and understanding of what it takes to succeed. And then try studying with him. If it is a match, great. If it isn’t, then know you aren’t stuck forever with this specific study partner in your quest to find the one who will benefit you the most – and who you can help achieve the same goals.