Change is a fact of life in today’s business world. Yet coping with change can be difficult for many people.

No matter what industry or sector you’re in, rarely does anyone actually like organizational change. We’re creatures of habit. For this reason alone, research shows that a majority of change efforts businesses embark upon end up in failure.

While there are a number of questions, excuses, justifications or any other number of “reasons” why people can be resistant to change, the core of the problem often lies in addressing employee concerns about what is changing and providing them with effective solutions to adapting to those changes.

Take the time to meet with your team, as a group and individually. Explain to them the change and listen to any concerns or fears. Leave plenty of time for each member of your team to ask questions. Impress on them the importance of the change and that your job is to help them adapt. Show empathy if this is a difficult change. Check in frequently during the transition period while the change is being implemented. As any change is put in place, there will be questions and concerns; be available to answer them.