Is your team clamoring for more Salesforce training? 17 Grapes provides support and training, and we encourage you to take full advantage of what we offer. Perhaps, though, you or an employee would like to drill down deep into Salesforce and earn a certification that can make the world’s No. 1 CRM app work even better for your company.

How might an employee or you make the case for spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on Salesforce University training and tests or courses offered by Salesforce partners?

For starters, organizations with Salesforce-certified professionals have better adoption and usage rates across their organizations, and they have smoother deployments. When employees are certified, they’re able to identify connections between the various Salesforce products and get more value from the platform overall. The level of knowledge and experience reflected in certification helps employees solve problems their customers don’t even know they have!

Organizations benefit when their employees are certified, but certifications also are about the employee and his or her professional development. To be frank, certification makes everyone more marketable. There are certifications for all kinds of Salesforce skills, from administrators to marketers and from developers to consultants. All of these certifications are in high demand, and those who are certified have a competitive edge within companies and in the job market.

Do you want to learn more about certification? This Beginner’s Guide might be helpful. And of course, we’re available to support you as you utilize Salesforce to win and keep your customers happy.