You have been gathering data and putting it into your Salesforce database. But are you using this data to help you create better relationships with your customers? How, you ask? The data you collect can give you insight into your customers.

Of course, you already have their biographical information. After that, each new piece of data helps flesh out a picture of that person or company. A fuller understanding helps you determine how best to reach out to that customer in terms of offers, regular communication and even just reminders.

If you track interactions, you can see how they choose to communicate with you – email, social media, phone, mobile apps, and websites. That, in turn, will help you target your communication with them.

Do you track completed and cancelled or unfinished orders? This can give you insight into purchasing patterns and decision-making, which leads to further questions you might want to ask. Maybe you should consider streamlining your sales process so your company is easier to do business with. Do you track what happens after you close the deal in Salesforce so you can be more informed during customer follow-up calls? Is there additional information that would be beneficial to keep track of, providing a more accurate picture of customer landscapes? Do your processes allow for data to be deleted instead of changed, causing you to lose valuable historical data?

On a regular basis, be sure to ask customers for updates to their contact information because “refreshed” data helps as well. Ask about changes in preferences. Send surveys and ask for feedback. Remember that your systems are only as good as the data they contain. An outdated email address or disconnected phone number can make a big difference in desired outcomes.

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