What can your Salesforce users access? We hope you’ve considered that not everyone needs access to all the same data.

In our experience, users can become overwhelmed and distracted if they are subjected to access beyond their needs. This can include the processes as well as the appearance of the screens they see. As a result, your users may not properly use Salesforce or may use it incorrectly, resulting in messy data, records and reports. All of this can invalidate the reason you even have the database in the first place.

How do you prevent this? Your users should only have access to what they need to accomplish their roles. You can start by restricting users to only what they need and then growing their profile as their needs and roles expand within your organization or your purpose for Salesforce. It is always easier to give access than it is to take access away.

Don’t forget you can also hide fields and objects for certain users as well. Not sure how to establish these protocols within your Salesforce database? We are happy to help you get them established for the best Salesforce experience for you and your users!