You know Salesforce works. You have witnessed its success in your own business. But did you know it also can be used by nonprofits — maybe even the very one to which you dedicate so much of your time after work.

Salesforce can take all the data for the nonprofit and put it into one system. This includes all aspects related to fundraising or communication with donors and clients, managing volunteers, and tracking outcomes and programs.

Salesforce can put all this together in one system rather than in multiple spreadsheets, paper lists, or desktop files. And the great thing about Salesforce, as you know, is that the system can be managed by the nonprofit staff through the Salesforce tools. In fact, Salesforce says its nonprofit customers have average improvements of 24% in donor retention, 36% in constituent engagement and 89 percent in their ability to achieve their mission.

No matter the size of the nonprofit, Salesforce can be a valuable tool and resource. We invite you to share our information with the nonprofits and encourage them to talk with us about how we can help them through this data management system. The reporting tools and analytic capabilities alone can be a huge benefit.

Know that we’re able to help any organization implement Salesforce. While we specialize in helping businesses scale and grow, we also love to help nonprofits thrive!