A 2017 report by Mindshare found that 600 million individuals use some type of AI-powered voice assistant at least once a week, and in the coming years that number is expected to grow significantly.

Always the innovator, Salesforce has seen the writing on the wall and is announcing the launch of Einstein Voice, an intelligent voice assistant specifically designed for use in a business setting.

ZDNet says Salesforce hasn’t determined when it will officially launch Einstein Voice, but early reports suggest the program will launch sometime in the spring or summer of 2019 and be able to assist mobile-centric salespeople with a variety of day-to-day tasks such as note dictation, data entry and the ability to complete and assign unique tasks.

In addition, the program will allow users to access data and sales information by simply stating one or two words. Traditionally, this type of information could only be accessed via a desktop or laptop computer.

Even more exciting is Einstein’s ability to understand unique jargon or terms developed within a specific company; with a few simple clicks of a button, your Einstein voice assistant will be able to communicate with your entire staff and understand what you’re talking about even if you’re using proprietary terms.

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Source: ZDNet