Can we ask you an honest question? Are you routinely asking for feedback from your customers? For some people, it can feel awkward to ask for feedback, but hearing your customer’s experience is the best way you can pinpoint the areas where you need to improve.

If you’re using Salesforce, we highly recommend looking into GetFeedback for your customer surveys. The two programs seamlessly integrate, which means you can trigger surveys based on your customer’s activity, collect the responses and populate them into the customer’s Salesforce records, and create reports and view insights using Text Analytics.

With GetFeedback, you can easily customize the surveys you send out to make them cohesive with your branding, which helps to build trust. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be tech savvy, the drag and drop functionality makes it super easy to make professional looking surveys that will impress your customers. The surveys are mobile-friendly, which is a huge benefit since many of your customers are checking their email on their mobile devices.

Some of the world’s leading brands use GetFeedback to understand and improve their customer experience, brands like FitBit, Nike, HBO, and Lexus. Successful brands know that even if they’re at the top of their game, unhappy customers can turn everything around. Especially these days, when one viral tweet or Facebook post can get the attention of thousands, or even millions of other people very quickly.

Getting instant feedback from your customers and putting it to use is key when it comes to growing your business. You want to make it easy for people to share their experience and their thoughts with you. GetFeedback, combined with the massive power of Salesforce, is a no-brainer.

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