How are you testing your Salesforce data? One of the ways you can do this is through automated testing rather than with a manual process.

Why is automated testing process valuable?

It is quick and can produce a large volume of results. This means you don’t have to have an employee manually running the tests, nor do you have to have that same employee run it on multiple devices. Instead, you can have it all automated for a time that works for your business and employees. It also means you can run the tests remotely.

People make errors. A manual testing process is open to more user errors. Once an automated testing process is in place, the testing follows the same parameters each time it is run. It only changes if the testing script is changed, which likely would only be after an in-depth series of reviews accessible only by specific personnel.

If you have hiccups or want to change the parameters, you simply change the script. You don’t have to send multiple messages to people asking them to change the test they manually run. You also don’t have to fix multiple bugs. It is simply the bug within any script that might be causing issues. Additionally, you can continually build upon the scripts to change or duplicate testing procedures.

Ready to put automatic testing in place for your Salesforce system? We’d be happy to talk with you about your testing and how we can help you achieve better and quicker success.

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