You need to hire a new member of your team and have narrowed the field to a handful of applicants with stellar resumes. Yet you know that even when someone looks good on paper, they might not always be the best choice for the job. But how do you look beyond the resume? Here are four qualities to look for the next time you are trying to make sure you find the right person for an important position:

Initiative. Does the job applicant have a history of volunteering to solve company issues or tackle company challenges? That’s a good sign for almost any type of position.

Adaptability. Do they view failures as opportunities to grow and succeed or are they afraid to take risks? Do they manage change or do they seem to avoid it? Are they annoyed by day-to-day hassles or do they approach them with a cheerful attitude? No one wants to work with someone who has a dour attitude.

Empathy. People who regularly seek out opportunities to help other people can be valuable additions to most any team.

A positive attitude. Positive people view challenges as opportunities to learn, adapt and succeed. Positive attitudes can be contagious among co-workers. As managers, positive people often are more apt to demonstrate to their workers that they have faith in their abilities to handle challenges and make important decisions. Who wouldn’t want to work with that type of person?


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