Is your business thinking about using Saleforce but not certain you want to go it alone? We at 17 Grapes can help! We are certified Salesforce professionals with training and experience around helping business owners transition to the new platform.

The processes and procedures you currently use probably make a lot of sense to you. They’re probably second nature at this point! However, as we work with you to implement Salesforce, you may need to review these policies and procedures and make some necessary changes.

This process isn’t one to take lightly. It may mean more meetings, intense discussions, and internal changes. Be sure to involve the personnel who know best and are in the midst of the daily transactions that will be most affected. Team work is key here to have as smooth of a transition as possible.

Don’t forget to be flexible as you work through the changes. Some may be easy to implement, while others may be a little more challenging. The goal, of course, is your business success.

Have you already implemented Salesforce? We also can help with optimization, development, integration, training and support. Just give us a call at 801-245-0500.

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