A 2016 survey conducted by MetLife found that 79% of Americans experience work-related stress after the holidays. Getting back into the swing of things following several weeks of relaxation is no easy task. And beating yourself up over a lack of focus or energy only makes the transition worse.

Instead of ignoring your feelings and powering through, be gentle. If you’re kind to yourself and plan ahead, you can stay productive without experiencing exhaustion. Here are a few tips for staying on-task after the winter break:

1.) Have realistic expectations. Getting back to work after a long break isn’t easy. It’s difficult to stay locked in at your desk for hours at a time. The first week or two back, you probably won’t get as much done as you’re used to. That’s okay. To ensure you don’t fall behind, draft a “to-do” list every morning. Write down one major goal and two minor goals for each day. Once you finish the big tasks, you can move onto other issues that aren’t as pressing.

2.) Take frequent breaks. Feeling antsy? Get up and move around. If your mind is elsewhere, it’ll show in your work. The frequency at which you take breaks is up to you. Some people like to work for an hour straight followed by a 15-minute break. Others work for 25 minutes and take five. Find a pattern that works for you. If you can’t take a break, try changing positions. Instead of sitting at your desk, try standing or vice versa. Minor adjustments throughout the day can help you stay on-task and productive.

3.) Stop checking your email. Do you check your email multiple times throughout the day? There’s nothing wrong with this per se, but it can drain your energy and prevent you from staying focused. After the holidays, it’s normal to have dozens, if not hundreds, of emails to get through. Set aside an hour in the morning, or at the end of your workday, to catch up. Once you clock out for the day, sign off of your email too. Setting simple boundaries can go a long way toward protecting your mental health.

These are just a few of the things you can do to remain on task and productive following the holidays. If you want to improve your businesses’ overall efficiency, contact us to learn more about Salesforce.

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