Being a good manager is made up of many skills. But what are some of the most valued to employers and employees alike?

1. Time management

This might sound like a very specific skill, but good time management is indicative of several other skills. Managers with good time management skills are organized and able to see how the parts make up and affect the whole. Time management also involves good communication, not just to kick off a project but to follow-up on deliverables and to be able to effectively delegate when needed. Tracking and meeting deadlines is an essential skill to almost any managerial position.

2. Relational

Having a good head for business, budgets, decision-making and deadlines is no doubt a hugely important part of the role of most managers. It’s also important, however, to have relational and interpersonal skills. This doesn’t necessarily mean being an extrovert or a pushover. It does mean being able to listen, practice patience and work with a measure of empathy.

3. Motivation

You don’t have to be a cheerleader, babysitter or tyrant to motivate employees to get things done. Motivation might mean different things to different people, so it’s important to get to know your employees and have a desire to see them succeed as individuals, as well as part of your team. Providing and soliciting feedback are important parts of motivation, as it helps to build good communication and better trust.

Being a manager is a careful balance of asking questions, making decisions and listening. How do you feel your managerial skills measure up? Are there areas you could use some work? What are some of the most important qualities you think a manager should have?

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