Are you a go-to person? You’ve undoubtedly seen these people in action. They’re the ones you tap when you have a business idea or a vexing problem to solve in the office. Some of the best managers in any company are go-to people. Here are four common characteristics of managers who fit this description (and why they make such good leaders!):

  1. They expect change and adversity. Go-to people know problems can be challenging and time-consuming but are up to the task of solving them. They view failures as opportunities to grow and succeed, and they encourage employees to take chances and try new things.
  2. They embrace responsibility. They are often among the first people to volunteer to solve a company issue or tackle a company challenge. They also recruit other employees to join in the effort, which helps them build quality teams.
  3. They extend a helping hand. They regularly seek out opportunities to help other people with business and even personal issues. This can help them create a strong bond with their team.
  4. They have a positive attitude. They view challenges as opportunities to learn, adapt and succeed. They demonstrate to their workers that they have faith in their abilities to handle challenges and make important decisions. Who wouldn’t want that kind of office leadership?

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